21st April 2021

Artist’s Block: The Blank Page

Translated from French. Original version below.


It’s early morning, around 7am I think. It’s time to open my little blue notebook and find the scary white pages that patiently await for my inspirations of the moment.

The blank page, the famous perfectly smooth and untouched surface that holds out his arms and the same time pushes me away.

Courage, courage, it must be confronted “the adversary”.

What could be more awful than standing in front of a stark blank sheet still empty even of scribbling?

Faced with this vast desert, the artist, the writer, the musician or even the schoolboy is alone and seemingly lost.

To tell you the truth, the blank page is my worst enemy every bit as much as it is my best friend.

Its pale demeanor chills my blood. It is snowy hue, cold and distant – looking you dead in the eyes, unyielding.

And when your pen trembles looking for the mysterious shape to draw, the blank page is an empty window.

Where do I begin ? At the  top, bottom, bottom right? What void to fill and to which end, in what sense? I am looking for the catalyst hidden in the nothingness bordered by 21 cm x 27 cm.

How can a piece of paper destabilize me to this point ?

Here we go, I take the plunge!! Starting with a single word, one sketch, then another. Random words finally form sentences. The sketch reveals a story, an idea. The worst is over.

The colorless surface suddenly veers grayish. The inspiration spreads faster and faster on the 100g paper canvas or the 17-inch screen.

Here am I, recovering hope. The ball of my pen slips and plays without restraint. Ideas are finally real. Look, they’re alive – see, they really are alive! It’s written here in black and white!

All fear has yielded to the exhilaration of creation. A real drug that calls upon you every day.

Beneath the appearance of an impassable desert plain, the blank page is not so demonic.

Step by step, it will succeed in revealing your hidden talents.

Visit the nooks and crannies because they hide many wonders.

Thank you my lovely blank page, you’ve warmed me on this summer morning.



Il est tôt ce matin, 7h je crois. Il est temps d’ouvrir mon petit carnet bleu et retrouver les effrayantes pages blanches qui attentent sagement mes inspirations du moment.

La page blanche, la fameuse surface parfaitement lisse et intacte qui me tend les bras et me repousse à la fois;

Courage, courage, il faut l’affronter « la terrifiante ».

Quoi de plus terrible que de se tenir face à cette feuille vide encore vierge de gribouillage.

Face à ce vaste désert, l’artiste, l’écrivain, le musicien ou même l’écolier est bien seul,  l’air égaré.

Pour tout vous dire, la page blanche est ma pire ennemie toute autant qu’elle est ma meilleure amie.

Son aplomb blafard me glace le sang. Elle est couleur neige, froide et distante. Elle vous regarde, là, droit dans les yeux sans fléchir.

Et quand votre stylo tremblote en cherchant la forme mystérieuse à dessiner, la page blanche vous terrasse de sa présence vide.

Je commence où ? en haut, en bas, en bas à droite ?. Que de vide à remplir, par quel bout, dans quel sens ?. Je cherche le déclic dans ce néant intersidéral de 21 cm x 27 cm. Comment un morceau de papier peut-il autant me déstabiliser.

Allez, je me lance !! Un mot, un croquis, puis un autre. Les mots forment enfin des phrases. Les croquis dévoilent une histoire, une idée. Le pire est donc passé.

La surface incolore prend soudain  un ton grisâtre. L’inspiration s’étale de plus en plus vite sur le cansson 100gr ou l’écran 17 pouces.

Me voilà  reprendre espoir. La bille de mon stylo glisse et s’amuse sans retenue. Les idées sont enfin bien réelles, regardez, elles sont vivantes, c’est écrit noir sur blanc.

Les peurs ont disparues pour laisser place à l’excitation créative. Véritable drogue qui vous appelle chaque jour.

Sous ses airs de plaine déserte infranchissable, la page blanche n’est pas si démoniaque.

Pas à pas, elle réussira à dévoiler vos talents cachés.

Visitez les coins et les recoins car elles vous cachent bien des merveilles.

Merci jolie page blanche, tu m’as réchauffé en ce matin d’été.


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Aurelie is in 1982 in Marseille, city open to the Mediterranean world, city of light and cultural diversity. She participated in major projects in France and abroad putting all her passion into her creative works. She worked with ‘Opera Garnier’ in Paris, the ‘Theatre Royal de la Monnaie’ in Brussels, the ‘Marseille Opera’ and the ‘Festival d’Art Lyrique’ in Aix-en-Provence. Since 2009, she has travelled across Asia, collaborating with Franco Dragone on “The House of Dancing Water” show, as well as being involved in other creations such as TABOO 1, TABOO 2, TABOO 4 in Macao. With the Hong Kong Theater Association, she designed “Le Père Noël est une Ordure”, “Les pas perdus”, "Musee Haut Musee Bas " and "Je Dance Toujours" sets. Alongside the singer Mouron, the choreographer Anne Tournie and Terry Truck Tournie Pianist, she realized the set and props creation for the show "Le cabaret des annees folles" at the "The French May 2013′′ Festival in Hong Kong. In 2013, she joined the UNIPLAN Luxury Event creative team in the Shanghai and Hong Kong as Performance and Show Production Expert. Working for “Louis Vuitton”, “Maserati” and “ Moet et Chandon” events. She is also involved in The Shanghai Pride organisation and collaborated with "Cirque le Soir" Club as creative consultant and special party organiser. In 2015, she worked with the Franco Dragone team on "The HAN Show" in Wuhan, "The LIDO" in Paris, "The Dai Show" in Xishuangbanna and other creations in Dubai, Moscou and China. In 2016, she joined the famous Worldwide company Balich for the Special Olympic Games Flag Handover between Austria and Abu Dhabi, designing the set and the large scale props. In 2017 She start a new collaboration with SOKOL Show and Wanda in Harbin China. In charge of the prop design and the props department during the conception, the creation and the artistic production; Aurelie has also started a collaboration with STUFISH designing and creating the "Holiday On Ice" show in 2018. She is designing and managing the massive stage for the new Stunt show produce by SEP production in Haikou China. 2018 is also a year where she illustrate some show concept and artistic project for SEP, WANDA and other concept in developement in CHINA and EUROPE. A great new collabortation in Marseille is starting with the new Concept Club BONBONNE, not as a DJ this time, but as interior designer and artistic consultant. Giving to the town a new trend and unique place for a new experience.

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