8th May 2021

Women in the Entertainment Industry: Danielle Pearson

Danielle Pearson

We are asking women in the entertainment industry around the world some key questions about their life and career. Here is Danielle Pearson based in NYC, USA.

1. In which part of the industry do you work?

Live Entertainment.

2. Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women in the entertainment industry? How have they inspired you?

Yes! Woman carry this natural motherly energy and in my eyes this is so powerful. I honor and hope to inspire all people on my team with this energy. Although I don’t have children in my life, I treat my team as family. I notice this energy from many woman in the industry. I continue to absorb and spread this love.

3. What would you tell young women who are just starting out? What would you like them to know?

Something that is extremely hard in the industry that I encourage everyone but especially if you are just entering the industry to do is to take care of yourself. If you can’t care for your own well-being you can’t possibly lead others to be the best versions of themselves. I am blessed to learn from a cast that holds their well-being to the highest standard.

4. What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make big moves. Stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

5. Please share one of your toughest challenges in your career. How did you overcome?

My biggest challenge is stepping away. You have to schedule in time to get out of the venue and go exploring. Even if that means 15-20 minutes. Stick to a time each day.

6. What is your favorite musical or play?

There are so many wonderful musicals out there. It’s so hard to pick one! I will go with 42nd street, final answer.

7. What is your morning routine?

Wake up, take some deep breaths and enjoy a glass of water. I try to avoid looking at my phone immediately to give myself a few minutes of just being.

8. Drink of Choice?

Water with lime, mint and cucumber.

9. What is a phrase you are known for saying?

First of all….

10. What advice would you give to other women in the industry?

If your wish is to work on a touring production, over communicate. No matter how many times you have played a gig and no matter how well you know the crew always advance with full detail. 9 times out of 10 something will be forgotten. And if that happens, learn from it and roll with it.

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