Editorial Policy.

TheatreArtLife hosts a community of creative and technical professionals from around the globe.  We invite contributors to share knowledge, experience, passion, obstacles, culture and their journey.

The information shared on TheatreArtLife.com is purely editorial.  Articles are written by TheatreArtLife editors and contributors. Our contributors come from all areas of the live entertainment industry and work in all fields and roles. We allow editorial content regarding politics, religion, and cultures; however, our editors review and in some cases, edit content in collaboration with the contributor.


TheatreArtLife is selective when choosing sponsors.  We partner with companies and brands that are relevant to our audience, the live entertainment industry.

On occasion, TheatreArtLife works with a brand or company to bring our audience unique sponsored articles and interviews (where TheatreArtLife does get paid by the sponsor for being featured) and we note this content as sponsored. Please note that we will only allow brands that we like and trust to sponsor content, and articles are written by TheatreArtLife contributors and editors. Paid or sponsored links—distinguished from affiliate links because an advertiser has paid, in advance, for the consideration—which is embedded in our editorial content and will always be clearly identified as such.

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