20th June 2021

Tony Yamashiro



Tony Yamashiro has a diversified theatrical background that spans over 35 years in the entertainment industry. His early career in association with Pasadena Playhouse, Eureka Theatre, Cherry Land Theatre, San Jose Repertory Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, The Conservatory of the Performing Arts, Toronto Playhouse, and Pennsylvania Stage Company where he assisted in bring new works to life. Tony took his theatrical experience to the cruise ship industry where he spent 16 years with Norwegian Cruise Line. Since Tony was 10 years old he has kept journals of his thoughts and ideas of the theatrical world around him. His journal entries from his time on cruise ships are now being brought to life with all the joys, the sadness, and the life changing experiences that only being involved in this crazy theatrical world can bring you. “The Floating City of Misfit Toys” is dedicated to the cast, crew, and passengers that have touched and shaped his life.
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