20th June 2021




TheatreDNA® is a U.S. based theatre design and planning firm that keeps their focus on people – the very core of the theatrical experience – during the planning and design of the facility and ending with the opening performance. Working for artists, architects, and administrators, they help their design partners demystify the design of performance spaces, and navigate the sometimes complicated process of planning and building performance spaces. TheatreDNA is made up of experienced performance space planning and design consultants who are also entertainment professionals. Collectively, they have worked in almost every form of live performance as lighting designers, stage managers, art directors, producers, sound designers, and media designers, among other things. They take pride in combining the artistry and creativity gained in real world experiences with a deep understanding of consulting, architectural, and construction disciplines, gained over decades of creating spaces of all types. The hallmark of TheatreDNA’s work is grounded in their belief that all live performance is a unique shared experience that the physical space and technology must support and enhance. Successful performing arts and entertainment spaces acknowledge that a relationship exists not only between the performer and the audience, but between a single audience member and the other audience members who each play a vital role in the performance. Energy is shared, transferred, and built by the collective audience, and if done well, returned to the performer. TheatreDNA experience spans the globe and has ranged from 49 seat black boxes to 25,000 seat amphitheatres, and from showrooms to concert halls. Find out more about TheatreDNA and the work they do at www.mytheatredna.com
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