20th June 2021




Sustainability for the Arts’ mission is to bring awareness of Whole Person Sustainability: The art of balancing the Mind, Body, Soul & Life to the forefront of the entertainment community. Our goal is to empower personal & professional growth to support health and wellbeing within the individual, our community, and the arts through insight, knowledge, and tools. Sustainability for the Arts is the brainchild of Seth Barker and Angelica Davison McCarthy. Seth F Barker is an AEA Stage Manager, Certified Whole Person Life Coach, and Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator. He works with Entertainment Industry Professionals to honor all aspects of their life “on and off” stage to help them create Personal Transformation and Healthy Sustainable Lifestyles. Angelica Davison McCarthy, DAT, LAT, ATC is a Doctor of Athletic Training, specializing in performing arts medicine. Her collaborative, client-centered philosophy is based upon a holistic approach, treating the whole person to support the longevity of their health and well-being.
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