20th June 2021

Susan Jamieson



Susan Jamieson is an M.D., an award-winning Scottish and Harvard trained physician specializing in East-West integrative medicine. Happy in front of a camera, she loves teaching on stage or film, and lectures in the USA, Europe, China and Hong Kong on topics of ‘medicine merging with complimentary therapies’; ‘anti-aging’; and most of all her passion and ‘super specialization’ – Light! She sees this light work as an ‘add on’ to modern medicine, working with the more subtle, quantum light fields of the human energy. Based in Hong Kong, she’s had 30 years experience of learning how to work with different healing systems and philosophies. She’s lucky enough to have become a ‘celebrity doctor’, treating rock stars such as Sir Elton john and Sir Mick Jagger. She serves as a bridge between science and spirituality, enabling people to optimize their physical and emotional health. Early on, her own life journey became one of bridging Eastern and Western philosophies and medicine as she enhanced her prodigious intellectual knowledge with experiential understanding of many practices ranging from Ancient Egyptian concepts, to Qi Gong, yoga, Indian and Chinese philosophies. Acting on stage in Hong Kong plays led into her making her own film with award winning cinematographer Henry Chung, all shot in Hong Kong, ‘Access Your Inner Light’. A Humanitarian, she received awards for contribution to local Hong Kong charities and has spearheaded humanitarian mission in natural disasters of Sri Lankan Tsunami, The Chinese Earthquakes and the Tacloban Philippine typhoon, largest in the world. An artist and sculptress, Susan has just completed a photographic series of her ‘Forested People’ in nature, with an exhibition in Hong Kong 2017 of these original beings. Susan’s skills lie in communicating often complicated theories regarding the human body interfacing with integrative/holistic/complimentary medicine as well as the emerging field of ‘energy medicine’. She does this by presenting in lecture format, on stage or film, or interviewing other experts.
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