20th June 2021




With the benefit of over 35 years’ experience, STAGESAFE offers a full range of award-winning and fully professional health and safety services. Our services are for event organisers, production and tour managers, promoters, freelancers, service companies and businesses at every level within the live music, event and entertainment industries. STAGESAFE is the trading name for Chris Hannam. We are not lawmakers or the fun police – we simply offer totally independent professional health and safety advice and services to help you run your event or business in a safe and legal manner. Just the mention of the words “health and safety” often conjures up negative images of over-zealous ‘jobsworth’s’, getting in the way of business, and creating unnecessary costs. It is easy to see why this is the case, with the press often reporting inaccurate stories about activities being banned on “health and safety” grounds, or with the words ‘health and safety’ often being used as a poor excuse when people don’t want something to happen. We do not provide Production or Event Management services as this would be a major conflict of interest to our health and safety management services, for tours and events. Health and safety advisors must be impartial and should have no other role or function outside of their health and safety duties and must have time to carry out these duties even in an emergency. We have a whole team of specialists to call on when required such as rigging, noise and pyro specialists, we also believe in a practical and pragmatic approach with everything delivered to you simply in bite-sized chunks, to enable easy implementation without any jargon so even the least experienced event organisers have nothing to fear or misunderstand. No more confusion, we make it simple for you.
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