20th June 2021

Rose Rogers



Rose has been a performer for twenty years now, originally as a classically trained soprano, then naturally gravitating towards musical theatre. She didn’t find a passion for straight theatre or screen acting until her paths crossed with veteran NZ actor Elizabeth Hawthorne in the early 00’s, who encouraged Rose to give it a go. After training with Ms Hawthorne, Rose started booking screen roles consistently. However her true love still lies in musical theatre and probably always will. Career wise Rose realised several years ago she had a natural talent for actor management, and has devoted her time to this realm for the past six years. She finds it a truly rewarding profession, more so than acting herself, and wants to invest in dedicated passionate actors that are hungry for opportunities and development. Since opening Fourth Wall a year ago, Rose has constructed a very simple 5-step formula that helps get actors in the room. She shares this with her clients… but naturally, there a some that do their bit and others that don’t. Guess which ones are successful. Rose fully believes actor/agent relationships should be a collaborative partnership. If you’re serious about a career in the arts and your agent isn’t pushing for you, rooting for you, and supporting you – you need a new agent. If you’re an agent and your clients aren’t pushing for themselves, rooting for themselves, and supporting themselves – you need new clients.
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