20th June 2021

Penelope Quarry



Penelope Quarry is currently the Deputy General Manager / Artistic Director on the Wanda Dragone Production of “The Han Show” in Wuhan, China. Pene manages a team of 121 people including 89 Artists. Pene maintains the quality of each performance and works with the marketing team and clients to present their events in the theatre with variations on Acts from “The Han show”. Since her graduation from the Technical Production course at NIDA, Sydney, Australia, Pene has had the opportunity of working extensively between the film, theatre and event worlds. She has been employed in a variety of roles; ranging from all levels of management to hands on crewing roles. Pene has been involved with productions from conception to reality and thrives on being able to facilitate the artistic vision. Naturally a lateral thinker, Pene prefers to embrace a creative challenge rather than be deterred by what may be viewed as problematic. Pene thrives on logically processing options and feels this is one of her strongest attributes. Pene currently resides in Wuhan, which offers a new set of daily challenges both in the work place and at home, all of which are easily overcome with a sense of humour and a smile.
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