20th June 2021

Out of the Arts



Out of the Arts empowers performing arts professionals to recognize their full potential and develop their transferable skills. Through workshops and coaching, we rebrand individuals to successfully bridge the gap into new industries. Our mission is to bridge the gap between arts careers and non-arts professional careers. By identifying transferable skills, examining overlapping interests, promoting creativity in the workplace, and incorporating arts into civic engagement, we aim to help communities and individuals thrive. Beth Parthum & Amy Shake are both former performing arts professionals who, through the rough and tumble game of life, learned that a career path doesn’t have to be forever, no matter the amount of talent, passion, or knowledge. Out of the Arts came about as a result of our own personal experiences and conversations as we switched from full-time arts careers to non-arts careers. In short, we want to give you what we didn’t have as we navigated the difficult path from the arts world to the non-arts world: a reassuring community and tools to succeed no matter where your path leads you.
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