20th June 2021

Noelle Croner



Noelle Croner was born into the dance and performing world. Her mother had a successful career before opening up her own dance school more than 20 years ago. Noelle embraced many different dance styles in her studies ranging from tap, jazz and ballet to ballroom, modern and hip-hop. She’s a small-town girl with big city dreams. The brutality of auditioning in New York City quickly thickened her skin and motivated her ambition. Noelle has been fortunate enough to turn her passion into a career that has taken her around the globe working with various companies, choreographers and productions. Noelle moved to Macau in September 2015 and is currently the lead character of Dark Queen in Franco Dragone’s “The House of Dancing Water”. Noelle loves entertaining an audience and she looks forward to a life of creating and exploring. What many people don’t know about Noelle is that she is an avid writer. It’s a therapeutic process for her as she can be raw and real. Noelle’s journals have never been meant for anyone else. Exposing my secrets for public scrutiny is scarier than performing in front of 10,000 people. Be kind, be gentle, this is new to her.
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