20th June 2021

Nathan Grimoulas



Nathan Grimoulas is a Greek-Australian Stage Manager who has worked in several industries within arts and entertainment, now working and exploring his passion within circus. Originally studying Sound Engineering at JMC Academy and always maintaining the view that one doesn’t need to go to university or private school to be good at something he has grown to challenge himself and others on all fronts. Global Citizen and forever a student at the School of Life (so lame, so great) he spends most of his time lost in critical thought, at the gym and eating. Nathan sees the Stage Manager as one who should make life easier for everyone, a facilitator for the manifestation of the dreams and passions of the thousands of creative individuals that surround us. He is contributing to TAL to share his sometimes alternative views on ambition, materialism, society and self-development to further enrich the diversity of information available to those in and out of the creative industry.
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