20th June 2021

Matthieu Guichon



Performing arts and science enthusiast since its childhood, Matthieu Guichon studied simultaneously drama acting and mechanical engineering in France. He started his career as a design engineer in the set workshop of the Lyon Opera House, where he developed CAD workflows for set building, sustainable construction methods and structure optimization. In the context of opera projects, Matthieu discovered machine design and started volunteering on some side projects where machines had to be invented from the ground up. After majoring in entrepreneurship, Matthieu co-founded ExMachina SAS in 2014, an engineering company with the full mechatronic skillset dedicated to the entertainment industry. Ever since, he leads the business development and works on the mechanical aspects of ExMachina’s challenges. Much eager to share knowledge and explore the evolutions of technical jobs in the entertainment field, Matthieu teaches in engineering and art schools about set design and mechatronics, respectively. He is also part of a discussion group analyzing ecodesign techniques and mindsets, together with technical teams of most national theaters and operas of the country. During the last five years, Matthieu worked on more than 30 projects with his team, mainly for operas and theater, but also for outdoor installations and events. Inspired by new management and economical models, Matthieu is always seeking more efficient and relevant teamwork synergies.
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