20th June 2021

Jeremy Wetter



As a 17-year-old runaway Jeremy Wetter had little in the way of career ambitions, he just wanted to rock climb. He also knew that there was nothing for him in Oregon, so he ran away to Las Vegas to explore some the hardest rock climbing in the country. What he found was a lot more than rock climbing, he found a career. After a few years scraping by, he found his footing working as a rigger for the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere. As his skills progressed, he began traveling the world for almost a decade working with todays biggest stars such as Usher, Lady Gaga, and Paul McCartney. After the tours were over, he spent time wherever the tours left him, taking nothing but a backpack and a camera. Photography had always been a passion but it really became an obsession when he started traveling the world. In 2015 Jeremy returned home to Portland, Oregon where he runs his rigging business and shows his photography in galleries. He continues to travel the world making people fly and taking photos along the way.
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