20th June 2021

Jameel Haiat



Previous Chapter… Working within the entertainment industry for the past 25 years was a truly amazing journey! Starting with the discovery that a career within the Arts was not only possible, but rewarding on so many levels, and that continuing on that path would create opportunities, challenges and triumphs I could never have imagined in the beginning. As a kid from Los Angeles’s East side, I never imagined that there was a world out there that would allow someone such as myself, the ability to travel, explore and create, and make a living doing it. It was literally the furthest thought from my head growing up. Ultimately, I was able to make connections, and through hard work, perseverance and sometimes just sheer luck, to not only grow my world, but to truly succeed. From my beginnings as a scenic sculptor, fabricator and painter to my role as a Production Designer, the vast amount of Projects, and roles within those Projects, was nothing short of extraordinary during my career…really beyond extraordinary! Personally, I was lucky enough to had been taught by the best throughout my Themed Entertainment career, as well as been able to mentor so many other talented people along the way. It has been incredibly rewarding on a very personal and emotional level. Current Chapter… Now living in Hong Kong, I find myself newly energized by this wonderful and vibrant city. As this chapter commences, I now re-capture the lightning of a creative mindset and lifestyle with no limits or restrictions. I am now a published author, “Life Edited – Pain. Pleasure. Perspective.”, and currently working on a new novel. I am also creating new art works which are a mix of sculpture, written word and mixed media which are the inspired product of years of City living (Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong) that explore the emotional roller coaster of life as we live it today in this powerfully complex and sometimes isolated world.
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