8th May 2021

Fit On Tour



Fit On Tour prioritizes health & fitness in the entertainment industry. We are bringing together road warriors in a community that is inspiring, attainable and fun. Being ‘fit’ doesn’t have to be about eating 100% clean, or busting out burpees – it’s about finding time for yourself in your busy days. Whether that’s as simple as meditation, or stretching or as big as a bootcamp, or spin class – it’s about stepping away for your mental and physical health. Beyond this, it’s about breaking the ‘hustle hard’ mentality our industry has adopted – let’s encourage our artists, teams and crews to take breaks, make good choices, and open up about their well-being. Fit On Tour was founded by Andrea MacNeil and Jessica Lemmon in December 2018. With careers in the music industry, their experience includes touring internationally with bands, festivals and events. Although the perception of life on the road is a glamorous one, the reality can often be much different. With long hours and very little consistency, Andrea and Jessica fell victim to an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in poor eating and sleeping habits, overindulgence in alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and a struggle with anxiety and depression. In 2017, Andrea and Jessica both felt mentally and physically defeated. They were living out their dreams, but were sacrificing so much of themselves to do so. Together they decided to focus on their health and wellness and incorporating fitness into their everyday life, regardless of their busy work schedule or environment. They began implementing small changes; making mindful choices at catering and walking to and from the venue. As well, became creative with their workouts – bench pressing hotel room furniture, squatting with sandbags during load-in, ladder drills on the cable mats and planking in the production office.
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