8th May 2021

Barbara Dalle Pezze



Barbara Dalle Pezze is known as BIDI, a Deep Transformational Coach committed to making a difference and powerfully igniting minds and hearts! Over sixteen years of international experience in cross-cultural communication and effective relationship building gives her a distinctive perspective on personal, interpersonal and group dynamics. Barbara believes results are attained through effective relationships and powerful conversations, hence she focuses her work on people’s skills development, emotional mastery and effective rapport building. Clarity, deep passion and relentless grit, moves Barbara to look for innovative and transformational experiences that she accompanies her clients through, expanding their potential, facilitating powerful breakthroughs, and elevating the quality of their life and impact as individuals and leaders, both in their personal and professional life. In order to serve her clients in the best possible way, Barbara has spent many years preparing, learning and applying her knowledge and experience to her work all over the world. Barbara holds a PhD in Philosophy (Ontology), a Masters in Counseling (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and a Masters in Human Resources Management. Barbara is a certified NLP Master Coach and Behavioral Assessor. She is a writer and a speaker, and has presented at conferences and universities across Asia, Australia and Europe.
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