20th June 2021

College Audition Project



The creation of CAP is a story of both personal connections and business ventures. On the personal side it is a group of colleagues and friends that have worked side by side for years,living in different cities and states, but quickly realizing that they shared and unique vision and passion for the college audition process. On the business side it is the joint venture of 4 individual companies that have combined their years of expertise in the college audition field to create an online source for students and parents to help navigate them through the college audition process. The CAP team members met years ago at The Performers Warehouse ,a performing arts training facility in Atlanta. They were all working as part of a college audition team,coaching seniors and Gap students during their college audition process. The team members all have their areas of expertise in the college audition field, together they can tackle everything from essays and application to vocal selections and monologues.Their combined efforts at PW quickly showed them that together they could help even more students and so the framework for CAP began. Though they all met working at The Performers Warehouse, three of the team members had their own personal companies specializing in college audition coaching and consulting as well. So, The Performers Warehouse teamed up with D.C.C.A.P (Dave Clemmons College Advisory Program), CEM Music Studio and MJE Acting Studio and united under the name CAP. They have spent the last several years building CAP, combining their years of expertise in the field to make sure that nothing was left out. You can learn more about CAP and the companies that power CAP at www.collegeauditionproject.com
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