20th June 2021

Marisa Randles



In 2014, Marisa Randles and Alison Lundstrom formed the Blissful Carrot takeaway vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Macau after seeing the need for organic, healthy food and juices to be available to expats and locals in the area. Many actors, performers, technicians and athletes employed in Macau permanently and temporarily rely on their restaurant for their nutritional needs. When the film, “Now You See It 2” came to film in Macau, The Blissful Carrot was hired exclusively to cater for the cast and crew. (Woody Harrelson is vegan). Over the years Blissful Carrot has become the exclusive location for people looking for juice detoxes, vegan/vegetarian & raw dietary counselling, and has catered to making specialized dietary plans for folks from all walks of life. The Blissful Carrot will be drawing from a variety of knowledge from their upcoming book, Carrot Confessions, including tips, recipes, and how-tos exclusively for the TheatreArtLife readers.
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