20th June 2021

Amelia M. Rogocka



Amelia is an international stage manager and youth teaching artist who enjoys collecting coffee mugs. When not gallivanting around [as her parents so lovingly put it] she likes to find stillness and simply drink coffee as the sun rises over her succulent plants. Also, pinterest-ing crafts she will never do. She currently works as Shin Lim’s resident & touring stage manager on his show, Limitless, as well as a teaching artist for the Disney Musicals in Schools program. Amelia grew up within an educational children’s theatre and went on to start her professional career as a makeup artist and actor. Then she discovered that her quality to be able to spend all day in an office supply store and habit to colour code everything, came in handy in a stage management job she happened to fall into. She started her stage management career in the non-profit, straight play and musical, and outdoor theatre realm. Amelia worked for a short time as an assistant event coordinator for corporate events before finding herself running away to Las Vegas to work with commercial Circus and Magic shows. Amelia is a proud member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, USITT Intermountain Desert Region, the Educational Theatre Association, and the Stage Managers Association.
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