20th June 2021

Amanda Mehtala



Amanda Mehtala is an American living in Paris. With undergraduate degrees in French language and European history earned from the University of Connecticut, coupled with a focus in digital marketing and communications at a Masters level, she has been based in Paris for the past few years helping young French companies grow and reach international audiences. After completing studies both in the humanities and in business, she now works with Paris culture startup Theatre in Paris, aiming to break language barriers and open the doors of French theatre to the city’s thousands of annual international visitors. Originally from Boston, Amanda enjoys everything from grandiose Broadway-style musicals to more intimate comedies, and continues to appreciate the arts, culture, and theatre by regularly attending shows and exhibitions in Paris. With both a passion for all things culture and a professional focus in marketing, she strives to combine her passions through communicating and promoting within the cultural industry. When not hard at work ensuring accessible French theatre, you can find her traveling on new adventures and to visit friends and family, or simply appreciating all the lovely city of Paris has to offer.
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