8th May 2021

Aimee Poulin



Aimee Poulin (she/her) is a theatre artist and writer who was born in northern Ontario, and grew up in Montreal. As an indecisive teen, Aimee first pursued higher education in sciences, while dreaming of studying theatre. Once she graduated, she realized she could actually do the thing she wished of and studied at John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre Program with incredible teachers such as Anana Rydvald, Rea Nolan, Terry Donald, Zach Fraser and more. After completing that life changing program she got scared and decided she needed more training before venturing into the world as a professional. She moved to Toronto to study Musical Theatre at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. Since then, Aimee has been successful both on stage and off. She has performed for schools and sold out theatres in both french and english all over Ontario and Quebec in “The Snow Queen” and “The Barenstain Bears On Stage”. Backstage, she has been fortunate enough to work with Crow’s Theatre as Assistant Stage Manager on the remount of “The Wedding Party” staring the most talented group of actors she has ever been in a room with, and as a puppet operator on Stars: Together. Both projects directed by Chris Abraham and stage managed by the one and only Melissa Rood, with puppets made by Zach Fraser. Aimee currently works at Crane Creations Theatre Company, Mississauga’s first professional theatre company. Aimee is beyond excited to be expanding her horizons and creativity by diving into writing. She has always found joy in sharing with others, through any medium, and writing is no exception. She is passionate about artists getting paid for their work.
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