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Mental Health during COVID-19: Simple Steps

COVID-19 is creating uncertainty across many communities and industries. The performing arts and live event sectors have been greatly impacted. During these uncertain times, we are going to need strength and connection to get through. It’s hard to know where to start – especially when everything is changing so quickly – so let’s keep it simple.

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Drink Spiking

Drink Spiking: My Experience at An Industry Event

Without knowing, I drank a laced or spiked drink at an industry event in 2019. I hope that by sharing the experience and the details of what happened to me, it will make other women aware of the symptoms and enable them to understand what to do if it happens to them. Statistically women are more vulnerable to spiking but of course, it can happen to men too.

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Women in Audio Podcast

Introducing Women in Audio Podcast on Spotify

One of my very good friends that is also a (badass) live sound engineer just dropped the first episode of her new podcast called “Women In Audio” today! I was lucky enough to be her very first guest too. What I am going to do is break down some of the key conversations that took place during the podcast.

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